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The Giving Garden

St. Thomas has a new Global Mission starting in 2016. It's called Change the Babies!  In 2013, Rev. Betsy and her family traveled in Ghana, Africa to visit the Diocese of Kumasi. While there, they visited the Mompong Babies Home.  The Babies Home is a place where infants come whose mothers have either died in childbirth or abandoned them.  They stay there and are cared for by the most wonderful and loving staff until the age of 5 or 6 when they are returned to their extended families back in their villages.

The Giving Garden contains 16 oversized raised beds that grow fresh organic produce. All of the produce is distributed each week at our Food of Life Food Pantry.

The Giving Garden is also a place where everyone in the community can come together and do some good.  We especially encourage our food pantry neighbors to come and be part of the care and keeping of the garden.

The Food Of Life/ Comida de Vida Food Pantry opened in 2009 in response to financial collapse that effected so many of our neighbors.  Open every Friday from 3-5pm, the food pantry provides 2 days worth of food (9 meals) to every person who comes through our doors.  Those meals include meat, dairy, eggs, fresh produce from our Giving Garden, bread, and non perishable food.

Change the Babies!

Food of Life / Comida de Vida Food Pantry

Mission and outreach