​St. Thomas is experiencing a large increase in the number of clients at our food pantry due to the COVID-19 crisis.  We welcome all donations to help us support our neighbors.

Another way to donate...

We need Volunteers for our weekly food pantry!  If you can help please fill out the the form in the link to the right and we will contact you asap!  Thank you for helping us serve our community!  We are doing our best to keep the food pantry open through this crisis.

Distance Chakra Tuning

In this time of  heightened anxiety and fear, of isolation and uncertainty, my deepest wish is to support as many people as I can, as quickly as I can, and benefit the St Thomas Episcopal Church food bank in Amenia Union as well.

As a Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher for years, opportunities to support health and reduce stress have been many. In this, the last year of my sixth decade, no healing modality has proven more powerful or exciting to me than what I call, “Distance Chakra Tuning”. No physical presence or appointment is required for this modality of healing; No specific belief system, age, gender, race, or state of health. It always works and always for the highest good and greatest soul purpose!

Like the power of prayer, modalities of remote energy healing transcend the physical limitation of time and space as we know it. What happens in one place affects another. It’s just that simple. The subtle energy body, or the “Biofield”, is what I engage with. This quantum field of light and information is made up of electromagnetic frequencies and more subtle vibrations that defy scientific measurement. It surrounds the external body and flows in, out, and around every internal structure from cell to organ system.

“Chakras” live at the center of the subtle energy body. They are wheel-like spinning discs that receive, record, store, and transmit every experience from birth to death. Each of the seven chakras informs specific aspects of consciousness, physicality, and personality much like software programs run the hardware of a computer.

When we work together remotely, I access the powerful focused frequencies of these chakras and transmute unwanted energies. As a result, clients experience a much greater sense of peace, awareness, and relaxation in the physical/ emotional/mental/spiritual realms. Excellent references can be provided if desired.

In lieu of payment to me, I ask for a donation in any amount to the
St. Thomas Episcopal Church Comida de Vida/Food of Life Pantryin Amenia. If interested in a remote healing session, please contact me, Janet Perini, at for more information. Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting you in the peaceful and powerful playground of Grace!  DONATE



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