st thomas episcopal church, amenia union

Sunday, October 2, 11:30 am

Blessing of the Animals 

Front lawn of St Thomas

Bring your beloved four legged friends for a blessing and celebrate the wonder of God's creation!  Invite your neighbors and their pets!"

Sunday, September 25th, 10:30 am

The Bishop is coming! 

Come join us for our Biannual bishop visit! Rt. Rev. Alan Shin will be here to receive three of our members -- Ruth Adams, Randy Conti and Dan Rayhill.  Please join us for this joyous day!"

Sunday, October 2nd, 10:30am

Enola Aird to speak at St Thomas

Join us for a special St Francis Day  Morning Prayer service. Our guest speaker will be Enola Aird, Founder and President of Community Healing Network, Inc.

Enola G. Aird is a lawyer, an activist mother, and the founder and president of Community Healing Network, Inc. Over the past ten years, CHN has been leading the global grassroots movement for emotional emancipation – to help Black people overcome, heal from, and overturn the lies of White superiority and Black inferiority, the root causes of the devaluing of Black lives. 


CHN’s work responds to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s call for “psychological freedom.” In 1967, in his final presidential address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Dr. King warned that Black children are taught to “despise” themselves and thereby perpetuate their “false sense of inferiority,” while White children are taught to “adore” themselves and thereby perpetuate their “false sense of superiority.” Any movement for the Negro’s freedom that overlooks the necessity of freedom from these lies, said Dr. King, “is only waiting to be buried.” 

Under Aird’s leadership, CHN has answered King’s challenge by creating a range of initiatives aimed at building a movement to overturn the deadly mindset at the heart of the dehumanization of Black people. Prominent among CHN’s initiatives are Emotional Emancipation Circles, self-help groups designed to help Black people heal from the trauma caused by the lies. CHN has also inaugurated “Valuing Black Lives: The Annual Global Emotional Emancipation Summit,” which brings together Black leaders from around the world to develop action plans to extinguish the lies once and for all. 

A former corporate attorney, Aird has worked at the Children’s Defense Fund, leading its violence prevention program and serving as acting director of its Black Community Crusade for Children; is a past chair of the Connecticut Commission on Children; and was a visiting scholar at the Judge Baker Children’s Center in Boston. Born in the Republic of Panama, Aird is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Barnard College and earned her law degree from Yale University.