We at St Thomas take seriously our call to good stewardship. We are aware that all that we have here at St Thomas does not belong simply to us. It is a gift nurtured and bestowed by the ones who came before us. It is our job now to care for this place so that our doors will always be open to anyone searching for God in their lives, and to continuing the work of caring for the poor in our community. 

church restoration project

We have begun our fundraising for the third and final phase. Work included on that phase will be:

The church floor was removed and the entire foundation of the church was rebuilt.

The large stained glass window behind our altar was removed and restored.

The outside of the church was stripped of its paint.

Handicap accessible ramp added to the Parish House.

Repointing of the brickwork on the exterior

Staining the exterior of the church and painting the interior

Repaving of the parking lot and repairing walkways

Built in 1850, St Thomas has been declared an historic landmark by the New York Landmark Conservancy. In 2008, we began a three-phase, $400,000 restoration of our church building. Over the past 6 years we have completed two of the three phases.

st thomas episcopal church, amenia union

Would you like to be part of this important project? Please donate and help make sure St Thomas continues to serve the community for generations to come!

Some of the significant work that has been done: